About The Southeastern Dispatch

The Southeastern Dispatch is a digital publication that covers the food and beverage scene in the Carolinas. We aim to celebrate the distinctive food culture of our region, help readers find the best and most interesting things to eat and drink, and tell the stories of the people making it all happen.

We cover trends and context alongside people and personalities, and we love looking for patterns and helping people make sense of the changing culinary world around them. More than anything, we look to bring you the most authoritative and entertaining voices writing about food in the Carolinas today.

Our Territory

The official scope of The Southeastern Dispatch is North and South Carolina, though we may sneak across the state lines from time to time. We believe the Carolinas need more critical, thoughtful food writing at the local level, whether it’s comprehensively covering a beat or producing informed restaurant criticism and contextually-grounded writing. To provide high-quality, on-the-ground coverage, we have decided to keep our geographic scope tightly focused.

Our Team

The Southeastern Dispatch is a publication of Lime Tree Media, a digital publishing company based in Charleston, South Carolina. Our team of talented writers and photographers are based around the Carolinas.

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